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Lymphatic sparing liposuction, performed at Total Lipedema Care, is carried out with gentle, experienced hands and specialized tools by our Beverly Hills, CA board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jaime S. Schwartz.


Lymphatic sparing liposuction, performed at Total Lipedema Care, is carried out with gentle, experienced hands and specialized tools by our Beverly Hills, CA board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jaime S. Schwartz. Even though lipedema does not have a cure, managing your symptoms with surgical (and nonsurgical) treatments can be an effective way to improve your health and life. In the lipedema medical community, lymphatic sparing liposuction has a proven track record of giving patients (both women and men) with lipedema the best results in any stage of the condition. Even though it is considered an invasive surgery, many of our current lipedema patients at TLC say lymphatic sparing liposuction was a “game changer” in their lives and treatment. Also, lymphatic sparing liposuction can be performed without a general anesthesia but with Dr. Schwartz’s own anesthesia protocol for his Schwartz Rapid Recuperation™ called TIVA (total intravenous anesthesia).
If you are searching for a surgeon to supervise your lipedema care, we invite you to learn more about Dr. Schwartz and our medical team at TLC. When a patient selections lymphatic sparing liposuction, Dr. Schwartz confidently uses water-assisted liposuction with the SAFE (separate, aspirate, fat equalization) approach with excellent results. Not only will he take lipedema fat out of your body, but he will also carefully avoid damaging your lymphatics and/or skin. This form of liposuction is also performed during the same surgery for our lipedema patients who need to have excess skin removed as well. From your first consultation, Dr. Schwartz will give you the information you need to make an informed decision about how to proceed with your lipedema care. We invite you to call and schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience (or by following up on a physician’s referral). Contact our Beverly Hills, CA office today.


If you are diagnosed with lipedema, then you may be a candidate for water-assisted liposuction after being evaluated by Dr. Schwartz. There are four stages of lipedema that can affect one or several combinations of areas on your body at a time. Not all body parts have to be equally touched by lipedema (your arms may be at a Stage I lipedema, while your legs are a Stage III).

Candidates for lymphatic sparing liposuction will have symptoms of the disorder that make this type of fat reduction a medical necessity. Lipedema is a progressive condition so the more that this fibrous fat accumulates on your body, the more difficult it is to remove without surgery. Lipedema is not a cosmetic issue. At TLC, we treat lipedema as a medical issue because without surgery, it can:

  • Have an impact on your ability to wear fitted compression garments (because it is unevenly distributed) for proper treatment
  • Create a constant fluctuation of fluid buildup and pressure, only to make the condition worse
  • Put so much pressure on the joints that arthritis starts to set in, causing continuous pain and deformities
  • Take away the ability to walk or move without pain
  • Lead to medical complications within the veins — and right into critical issue called lymphedema
  • Make the skin chronically infected from ulcers, sores, and rashes

Making the decision to have a surgical procedure early in a diagnosis can be a huge decision. Dr. Schwartz wants you and all lipedema candidates to be assured that he understands your point of view. If you are a candidate for lymphatic sparing liposuction, he wants you to know that if you have this procedure in Stage I or II, it may prevent some of the health consequences that lead to the later stages of lipedema. We want to help you make the right decision for your health.


In an accredited surgical facility, Dr. Schwartz will perform your lymphatic sparing liposuction with his Schwartz Rapid Recuperation™ protocols and the administration of TIVA (a sequence of total IV anesthesia medications) instead of a general anesthetic. Lymphatic sparing liposuction incisions will be made into the skin, where needed, so that small cannulas can be inserted. You will be very comfortable under TIVA and should not remember the procedure (it is like a very deep sleep). The cannulas are inserted in at a deliberate yet milder pace than traditional liposuction so that the lymphatics are not disturbed and there is less trauma to the skin. Using water-assisted liposuction, Dr. Schwartz delivers the SAFE (separate, aspirate, fat equalization) approach for excellent outcomes in all stages of lipedema. The fat is loosened with high-pressure water and anesthetic solutions so that it will come out easier and suctioned out. Dr. Schwartz will discuss with you how much fat is to be taken out during your surgery planning sessions; however, there are limits in the state of California that mandate how much fat can be safely removed during liposuction. He has many years of experience staging out surgeries as needed to protect the health of our patients and provide the best patient care he can give.
Dr Schwartz has developed an Anterior/Posterior approach to Lymphatic Sparing Liposuction. For most patients, the thighs and legs are the most affected areas with Lipedema. Dr Schwartz prefers not perform the surgery circumferentially (completely around) the leg or thigh. The swelling can lead to an increase risk of blood clots. Also, by performing the front and then the back, we can assess how your skin will react or retract after surgery. At the second stage a thigh lift can be performed.
First stage: is typically the anterior (front) thighs, knees, legs and ankles. During this procedure about 60-70% of the leg can be operated on.
Second Stage: posterior (backside) thighs, knees, calves and ankles. Since Dr Schwartz can reach 60-70% of the leg again, he is able to give you smooth results all the way around. During this stage, after the front has healed, Dr Schwartz may perform a Lymphatic Sparing Thigh Lift if needed.
The stages are just a guideline as Dr Schwartz will tailor an individual plan based on age, medical history, lipedema stage and severity.


Prepping your body for lymphatic sparing liposuction can begin immediately after your diagnosis. To give your body an advantage before your lipedema treatment, Dr. Schwartz may ask that you prepare your body with a combination of decongestive lymphatic therapy techniques in the affected areas:
  • Wearing fitted compression garments, bandages, or wraps
  • Gently performing manual lymphatic drainage massages
  • Participating in physical therapy or specific exercises
  • Eating an anti-inflammatory diet
  • Taking medications and supplements as prescribed by your physicians
  • Treating varicose veins (to avoid excessive bleeding and fat embolism post-operation)
  • Using intermittent compression pumps or devices to help with circulation (and lymphatic fluid flow-in limbs) in the more severe stages of lipedema to avoid or treat secondary lymphedema

While not all lipedema patients will require every advanced intervention, this is a great list of strategies (among others) Dr. Schwartz will provide you before your surgery. By following his instructions and guidance, you should have less swelling, inflamed tissue, soreness, malaise, and less mobility in your treatment area after surgery.


You may have drains put into the treatment areas to help with the fluid buildup that can occur after surgery to assist your body and lymphatic system with drainage. You will see bruising on the skin where the fat was taken out. The skin may also feel sensitive to the touch for a while. As for pain, we can send you home with a prescription for a medical-grade pain reliever; however, most of our patients rarely use much of it. In fact, most of our TLC lipo patients feel well enough to go out that day to walk around or go out to dinner. Our team at TLC is a phone call away if you need medical assistance after your lipedema treatment surgery, especially if you feel like you are experiencing a complication.
Recovery is more than just the healing of your incisions. Underneath the surface, your body will be remodeling and restructuring the tissue for about a year or more. Your patient care does not end after your surgery at TLC. You will have follow-up appointments with Dr. Schwartz along the way.
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At any stage of the condition, your lipedema treatment matters to Dr. Schwartz and our team at Total Lipedema Care in Beverly Hills, CA. Lymphatic sparing liposuction can remove the fibrous connective tissues causing your lipedema to change not only your body but just about every aspect of your life. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Schwartz, provides the highest quality of comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for lipedema care in his private practice. Schedule your appointment today.