Total Lipedema Care



Lipedema is a fat disorder that can happen to women and men of all body types, which becomes more advanced, larger, and painful as it progresses.
Dercum’s disease is best described as a syndrome that affects the body’s ability to break down fat, leading to the growth of small or large lipomas.
A lipoma is a small growth of fat cells found just beneath the surface of the skin. Most lipomas are painless and do not pose any potential risk.

Lymphedema is a condition that can cause swelling in the arms or legs. Although there is no cure, it can be effectively managed through proper care.



Lipedema treatment can range greatly from diet and exercise modifications to lymphatic sparing liposuction for the removal of the abnormal tissues.
Lipedema of the upper arms can cause the skin to become so large, there is a loss in elasticity and the skin becomes pendulous (a.k.a. “batwings”).
Lymphatic sparing liposuction is a medical treament for the safe removal of fibrous tissues and lipedema fat for patients with Stage I – IV lipedema.
A lymphatic sparing thigh lift for lipedema is a redundant skin and fat removal surgery to improve your mobility and prevent related skin infections.
Some TLC patients with lipedema on the abdominal area of their body may qualify for a lymphatic sparing tummy tuck (an excess skin removal procedure).
A panniculectomy is the removal of heavy, hanging lower abdominal skin (apron fat), which may alleviate symptoms of lipedema (painful fat syndrome).
Large, bulbous fat accumulations on the upper section of the buttock (shelf) disproportionately form from a genetic fat disorder known as lipedema.
Referred to as “lipedema pearls,” nodules are intertwined in other connective tissues and firmly attached to the skin.

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